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The Health and Social Regional Agency of Veneto Region, instituted with the regional law n. 32/2001, is an instrumental public organisation of the Veneto Region for the technical support concerning health care and social services.

ARSS duties include:

  • certification of health and social facilities
  • definition of the tools aimed to assess the quality of the health and social services
  • appraisal of the quality of the health and social services provided
  • assistance to the local health authorities in applying management control tools
  • check and control of the managing performance of  the health and social facilities
  • observatory of the local Health Authorities’ prices and technologies
  • development of technical proposals to identify parameters for the health care facilities financing
  • technical evaluation of innovative management models to be implemented in the Local Health Units.


The Head of the Agency is appointed by the President of the Regional Council with a special decree.

The organisational structure is articulated into 2 areas:

  • Certification and Quality area
  • Financial and Economical area